About the Society

Canada-Nepal Friendship and Cultural Society (CANFACS) based in Vancouver is a non-profit organization registered under Societies Act of British Columbia in Canada on November 30, 2016.

The purposes of the Society are:

a. to encourage partnerships & collaborations with Government agencies and non-governmental organizations at all three levels of jurisdictions in Canada, resulting in exchange of cultural socio-economic & educational programs & initiatives with Nepal within the frame work of its vision & mission.

b.to play a respectful Canadian counterpart role on reciprocal basis with the Nepal-Canada Friendship & Cultural Association based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

c. to establish a roaster of potential resources including but not limited to personalities, individual & institutions in the diverse fields on either side & utilize their expertise and services for the mutual benefit.
d. to organize from time to time socio-economic exchange & services such as talk programs, cultural events, language orientation class & socio-economic exposition as may be determined by the general body or the directors.

The Society, CANFACS, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its counterpart organization Nepal-Canada Friendship and Cultural Association based in Kathmandu, Nepal, to work on reciprocal basis.

Board of Directors of CANFACS (2018-019):

Er. Mankajee Shrestha “Jena”, President
Dr. Drona Rasali, Vice-President
Er. Navin Dhakal, General Secretary
Er. Suresh Shrestha, Treasurer
Er. Anil Pradhan, Director of Cultural Exchange/Special Projects
Dr. Hemi Shrestha, Director of Communications
Mr. Ciaran Aiken, Director for Honorary Council

Founding Board of Directors of CANFACS (2016-018):
Er. Mankajee Shrestha “Jena”, President
Dr. Drona P. Rasali, Vice-President
Er. Navin C. Dhakal, General Secretary
Ms. Bina Shrestha, Director
Ms. Sheela Sainju, Director


The official address of the society:


For further information about the Society, please contact us at: canadanepalfriendship@gmail.com.